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BERNINA Quilt Motion – your professional quilting studio        

BERNINA Quilt Motion lets you enter the realm of virtuoso quilting: design, create, save, edit and quilt to the highest standard of precision.
Complete integrated solution for professional quilting
BERNINA Quilt Motion has the hardware and software you need for ambitious quilting projects. Together with your BERNINA, the BERNINA Quilt Frame and your PC, it provides you with a professional quilting station that leaves nothing to be desired and  ensures impressive results. BERNINA Quilt Motion comes with an easy-to-use LCD screen and QuiltCAD Design Software, which gives you access to a wealth of professional design and editing features. Used in conjunction with a BERNINA 8 Series machine, it places many more useful features at your fingertips that ideally round out your BERNINA’s capabilities – a complete solution opening up a wealth of new possibilities for ambitious quilters.
Extensive quilt-design library
BERNINA Quilt Motion comes with over 200 ready-to-use, easily accessed quilt designs which you can begin constructing right away. This storehouse of high quality templates is not only useful for trying out new techniques and designs, but will also inspire you to countless creations of your own. BERNINA Quilt Motion’s built-in designs can be edited and altered with the QuiltCAD Design Software – or simply create new designs of your own. You can save your results and access them again whenever you feel like it so you can build your own personal quilting library over time. Youu can easily reproduce your favorite creations as often as you wish in uniform quality, or create new attractive variations. In this way, BERNINA Quilt Motion preserves your valuable creations and ensures that your masterpieces are never lost.
Precise placement of designs
BERNINA Quilt Motion provides you with powerful design tools enabling you to carry out a host of techniques to the highest standards of precision. Size and precisely position block designs, pantographs, even full quilt layouts on-screen with ease, to achieve an end result that matches your expectations. BERNINA Quilt Motion has visualization features which let you review and and gauge the effect of your designs and layouts from the very first stitch. You have full control over your quilt project at all times, and can alter and customize details or the overall layout whenever you wish.  
 Memory and import features
BERNINA Quilt Motion provides you with optimal support in archiving and managing your quilting projects. Even freehand quilting patterns can be recorded, saved and edited with the included software. Since BERNINA Quilt Motion accepts and processes numerous foreign formats without a problem, it allows you to import pattern files from other software manufacturers – giving you complete freedom in editing designs from different sources. Another advantage: Quilt Motion lets you easily include your existing collection of pattern files in the Quilt Design Library, combining all your files into one collection, and giving you hassle-free access to all the data you need.